Approved Installers

The specifiers choice for major projects completed worldwide …
available to roof your building!

EuromembraneSA has a network of trained approved contractors who have experience in all types of contracts from small domestic works to the largest high profile projects all over the RSA.

We also network worldwide on request.


Planned Maintenance

EuromembraneSA can assist you in every step of the construction process.

The roof is one of the larger depreciating elements in a building and probably the most significant in terms of building fabric. Therefore a comprehensive maintenance programme and budget should exist for this part of its construction.
At EuromembraneSA we encourage pro-active maintenance, whereby we assist you in forward planning and anticipating where potential problems may lie.
Please contact our office should you require any information regarding roof maintenance, whether you have our system installed or are looking to in the future.
Please note Euromembrane SA can provide detailed planned maintenance regimes for all projects.


Specification Writing

EuromembraneSA offer a specification writing service to specifiers and approved contractors, which can be produced in standard or NBS format.

We recommend that specifications are read carefully by all parties, as they are always project specific. Each specification provides important comprehensive information that assists and clarifies the tendering process.

If any further information or alterations are required post issue of the manufacturer’s recommendations, please contact us via our contact page.

All EuromembraneSA specifications are issued using a unique Project ID Number, which should be quoted in any correspondence.

Special attention should be given to:

Guarantee type and period – Membrane type and colour
Any pullout test requirements on the substrate
Substrate type – Preparation of substrate
EuromembraneSA branded references to enable extended product warranties
Insulation fixing recommendations (where required)
Insulation generic type, uniform or tapered (cut-to-falls) where required
Membrane fixing recommendations (and assumptions)
Solutions for protection from traffic

Technical Services

Design and specification advice is extremely important during the early stages of a project.

EuromembraneSA technical services assist specifiers in choosing the right system. We also look at whether it will work well with any other products under consideration.

Our Quality Management System is in place to ensure every aspect of the project is considered, from design to environmental to aesthetic requirements, prior to completion of the specification.

Budget prices can be arranged through EuromembraneSA and their Approved Contractors.

For technical inquiries please contact the office.

The technical team can help you find the most suitable system, provide detailed specifications and technical drawings, assist with budgeting, and arrange site surveys.